• Thunderflash Mark 5
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The staple of any airsofter, paintballer and MilSim player's pyrotechnic arsenal. The TLSFx Thunderflashes, or flash bangs, do exactly what you expect, delivering a loud report and distracting flash of light, reliably and consistently. The simple and effective "twist and strike cap" friction ignition system activated the consistent 7 second fuse. When the 7 seconds is up, the Thunderflash detonates with a loud bang and a bright flash. The twist and strike cap also protects the tip from damage and accidental ignition.

There is a reason why these are our best sellers.  

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Thunderflash Mark 5

  • Brand: TLSFx
  • Product Code: Thunder Flash Mark 5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £4.00

  • £3.33 Ex VAT

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