• M11 Multi Burst Canister Grenade
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The TLSFx M11 multi burst canister grenade, using the third generation fly off lever system, is a distraction device. A single loud bang and flashes of brilliant white light would be enough to distract your opponents but with the M11 Multi Burst the effect is repeated twice more in quick succession offering even more distraction making them the first choice for MilSim bunker or building storming. The TLSFx fly off lever ignition system replicates many of today's real grenades operation adding easy of use with realism to any airsoft or paintball skirmish.

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This product is a P2 Product, therefore we cannot offer it for sale via the website. Please call for further information

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M11 Multi Burst Canister Grenade

  • Brand: TLSFx
  • Product Code: M11 Multi Burst Canister Grenade
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • £13.81

  • £11.51 Ex VAT

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