NEW Distributor for TLSFx in the USA
Testing the Thermosmoke Mortar Round
Testing the Thermosmoke Mortar Round
TLSFx Training Courses
We Offer Pyrotechnic Training Courses
Contact us for details of TLSFx Line Rockets with missile strikes
Trade Counter Now Open
Trade Counter Now Open
TLSFx Products Available in the USA
Your Photos and Videos from Social Media
Photographs and videos from social media of TLSFx pyro. Add yours as well with the #TLSFx or product specific hashatags
The British Shooting Show 2015
TLSFx at the 2015 British Shooting Show
Introducing New Byotechnics® Ball grenade
TLSFx are excited to announce a revolution in airsoft, paintball and wargaming pyrotechnics; a bio-degradable plastic ball grenade!
A General Gallery Of Our Work
It's not airsoft and paintball at TLSFx. We also are heavily involved in pyro work for live events (like airshows), TV and Films. This gallery has a few photos taken through the years
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