Stick Grenade Instructions

Stick Grenade Instructions
How to use guides of the TLSFx German style Stick Grenades
  1. The simplest and easy way to get good performance from your Pull Fuse Stick Grenade is, as ever, to read the instructions on the grenade and follow them.  If you phone us at the factory and you haven't followed the instructions properly we will mock you mercilessly.
  2. Remove the base cap.
  3. Allow the pull string to drop free of the handle.  Don't tug it out as you may well end up priming it (see below).
  4. Grasp the handle firmly with one hand firmly, whilst pulling the string sharply in a downward motion.
  5. You will now find yourself holding a live pyrotechnic.  Drop a safe distance away (5m)

Couple of things you shouldn't do:

  • Don't throw it directly at someone.
  • Don't carry them in pockets, especially if live (you'd be surprised).  Even if not live they can snag on things, worst case you've suddenly got a live pyro in your trousersand even if that doesn't happen you can ruin the pyro and will have wasted the money you spent on it. They are best carried on webbing or in assault/tactical vests.
  • NEVER hold onto the pyrotechnic after it has been primed.
  • NEVER Give it to children to play with.
  • DO NOT Pick up a primed/live pyro.
  • DO NOT return to unexploded pyros.
  • DO NOT use them anywhere except designated game areas.
  • NEVER wave them at police firearms response teams.
  • Between games store pyros in a secure, cool dry place away from direct sunlight, dampness, children.